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Exploretera Travel Duffle Bag

Exploretera Travel Duffle Bag

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Meet the Exploretera Travel Duffle Bag, designed for explorers who crave convenience and style without compromise. 

  • Pack smarter
  • Spacious and organized
  • Water-resistant & secure
  • Wrinkle-free travel


  • Wrinkle-Free: Seamlessly transition from a garment bag to a duffle, ensuring your clothes stay wrinkle-free.
  • Spacious Interior: Three accessory pockets and ample space to fit everything you need for more than a week of travel.
  • Premium Materials: Made from high-quality PU leather, water-resistant, and equipped with non-slip zippers for durability and style.
  • Travel-Friendly: TSA-approved for carry-on, complete with adjustable shoulder strap and tote handles for easy transportation.


The Exploretera Travel Duffle Bag is meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and functionality.

  • Dimensions: 20.5x10x12.5 inches (LWH)
  • Material: Premium PU leather
  • Water-resistant: Keeps your belongings dry and protected
  • Zippers: Non-slip and durable for added security
  • Straps: Adjustable shoulder strap and tote handles for versatile carrying options


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  • Delivery in 7 to 12 business days

We deliver to the following countries:

Europe: France, Germany, UK, Austria, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Croatia, Poland, Italy, Romania, Czechia, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Hungary

Middle East: United Arab Emirates

Oceania: Australia, New Zealand

Americas: USA, Canada, Brazil

  • Avoid Carry-On Fees
  • Room To Pack More
  • Wrinkle-Free Travel
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#1 Best Selling Travel Bag

Welcome to a world where travel meets style and convenience. Let the Exploretera Travel Duffle Bag be your perfect travel companion.
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The top-selling Exploretera Travel Duffle Bag, is your ultimate sidekick for adventure! 

Wrinkle-free packing? Check. Room to pack more? Double check. This bag’s got lots of space, a detachable shoulder strap, and a cool trick—it morphs into a garment bag. Plus, it's TSA approved and fits in overhead bins like a pro. 

Travel smart, travel in style, and turn heads with the Exploretera Travel Duffle Bag!


Can the bag fit in overhead compartments on airplanes?

Yes, the Exploretera Travel Duffle Bag is designed to fit in most standard overhead compartments on airplanes, making it perfect for carry-on luggage.

How does the bag convert into a garment bag?

The 2-in-1 functionality allows you to unzip the bag completely, laying it flat to store suits, dresses, or other delicate items. Simply rezip to convert back to a duffle bag.

For further inquiries, please contact our customer support team. We're here to help make your travels more convenient and stylish!

Can the shoulder strap be removed?

Yes, the adjustable shoulder strap is detachable, giving you the flexibility to carry the bag as a tote or over your shoulder.

Is the bag suitable for storing electronics and gadgets?

Absolutely! The bag's spacious and organized interior can securely hold electronics such as laptops, tablets, and chargers. We recommend using padded sleeves for added protection.

Can I take it with me on a flight?

Yes, you can! The Exploretera Travel Duffle Bag is TSA approved and designed to fit in overhead compartments on airplanes, making it perfect for carry-on luggage.

How do I care for the PU leather material?

To maintain the premium look of your PU leather bag, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or soaking the material. For deeper cleans, use a specialized PU leather cleaner.